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Boat charter stockholm

We have planned to do a bit of travelling during the summer, mostly in scandinavia. And the first place we are going to (if you haven't read the title) is Sweden! We are going to start in the south of sweden and do a roadtrip to stockholm. When we reach stockholm we are going to visit the archipelago by boat. It's going to be very interesting to visit this country. I found out last year that my family is swedish way, way, way back. This will make our trip to sweden all that more interesting. I hope that we will have a great time.

Next up after sweden is driving to norway and se the fjords and all of that amazing nature they have there. After sweden we are of to iceland. That if one amazing country! Did you know that the ground is so hot on certain place that you can bake bread by burying it underground. Is'nt that really cool and really weird? I'd love to try that bread (I think... I hope I'm brave enough). 

But until then we have to wait and dream. It is still a while until we're starting our travels around Scandinavia. I will still update the blog when I can find free wifi. i hope to be able to update the blog every now and then. Hopefully once a week or so. I plan to take a lot of pictures so be prepared for a lot of pictures, a lot!

So, the first place is sweden and maybe find out some more about myself and my relatives and about how they lived and so. It would be very nice to maybe even visiting the place where they live. I wonder if I maybe could find out where they used to live,